Welcome to Travels with Ten Thunders! This is a World of Warcraft fanblog detailing the entirely-madeup travels of a Tauren Shaman through Azeroth, who shares with you, the reader, his accumulated wisdom regarding budget tourism. Please see the copyright notice at the bottom of the page.

Who is Ten Thunders?

“Ten Thunders is nearly level 80 but he still lives with his mother, who just wishes he’d find a nice Eternal Sunnist girl and settle down to give her some grandcalves, on the Kirin Tor-US server. When Mama Thunder starts going on about how having grandcalves is For the Horde and some such, he tends to wander off and do some travel writing.”

This journal is available in most Horde cities for about 7 bronze a copy, and it updates on weekends. Hopefully I’ll get up to two updates a week again, but for some reason my thesis supervisory committee is not all that impressed by fanfic.

The text and photomanipulations are by Andrew Galley. The title illustration is by Kim Sokol.

If you enjoy the style of writing you find in this blog I recommend the works of Bill Bryson and John Hodgman, for while I am not consciously attempting to ape them, I can see their influence very clearly in Tenthunders’ “voice”.