A Public Service Announcement

(editors note: this might be the silliest thing yet to be posted here. :P)
















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7 Responses to “A Public Service Announcement”

  1. ambient Says:

    Amen, brother!

  2. Machar Says:

    Word, brother shaman.

    And just think of all of the leatherworkers who need hides to do our jobs, otherwise we go broke and have to dance on mailboxes to feed our families!

  3. Anea Says:

    As a skinner, my rogue heartily approves this message!

    (In regards to skinnable monsters, not humanoids. Don’t send Humanoid Protective Services after her.)

  4. Tajiavu the huntress Says:

    Testify Brothers and Sisters!
    Looting also equals Respawns. I hate being a quest to kill some beasty only to find it laying there and not respawning.

    And as for Us skinners.. isnt it a bitch to be out questing and find 5-10 clefthoofs laying around unlooted.
    Loot em it still = money.. though not as much as i get for the Borean leather or Arctic furs.. hehehe

  5. Pigironpete Says:

    On behalf of rushed tanks everywhere, I must place the blame fully on the dps for their constant mantra of “PULL NAO GOGOGOGOGOG!!111”.

  6. Dea ex Machina Says:

    As another skinner, MY rogue say HECKS YES in regards to skinnable humanoids too. Loot those dratted werewolves and yeti! And don’t forget undead. Unlooted nerubians make baby Saurfang cry. And cleave.

  7. A2Miners Says:

    As a Skinner, ‘YES! Totally Approved Message! Go Ssssppprrruuucccceeee!!!’ This also comes under the area of those Mining Dweebs who only take the ore and leave the stone! As if this mound of rock is going to respawn without the rock gone?! Hhhaaalllooooo!!! Throw yer grey’s out, take the stone… and sell it on the AH!! Stone makes massive G!!

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