Hit with a QADL prod

Hey there,

This is a special little in-between issues bulletin to correct a grievous error on my part. I was informed via a letter — well, a piece of bark with some zevra-blood scrawled on it — by the Quilboar Anti-Defamation League, that I have been misidentifying their species in a very short-sighted and blundering way. I have been referring to those stubby, crankly little porcine folk as “razorbacks”, which of course is only a single tribe of the greater Quilboar family.

Thank you very much to QADL for pointing this out, and for bringing their existence to my attention (their motto, for those of you who are interested is, “it’s very hard to come up with an acronym containing a Q”). As a gesture of reconciliation, I have been invited to a special market-day of the type I have been describing, over at Razorfen Kraul. I’ve been assured that no diguises are necessary, but that because the scent of Tauren sweat can be unnerving to Quilboars, I should feel free to rub a little barbeque sauce on myself before going. So take note, and watch this space!

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