Special Edition: Dances with Elevators Pictorial

Hi there! I have just received the proofs for some “spasmo” as I have taken to calling it, being hip with the technology, from my first piece on Thunder Bluff and her marvellous elevators. I’m going to slip these into the first issue on reprint and pretend they were there all along, but for those cheapskates among you who don’t want to re-purchase the inaugural copy of this journal, I’m also including them here!


Big Thanks to Guildfolk who came out for this shoot: Chapka the orc, Hauvashea the Tauren lady, Lucindrielle the Blood Elf lady, The Pimpest Troll on the Planet, and Mr. Goggles the Tauren gentleman. If you are either of these latter two, please remind me of your names because I’m a fool and have forgotten!







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