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The Bullchelor, part II: of Love and Lizards



Dear Readers! (A note from the editor)

I have not, in fact, lost interest in life or in updating, it is just really hard to find Tauren women, even when you have a sizable friendly guild to lean on. Increasingly, Ten Thunders is having adventures that involve other people to do some degree, and I am having an awkward time setting up the necessaries.

If you enjoy this blog, please don’t hesitate to email or leave a comment for Tenny’s editor, detailing any characters you have on US-Kirin Tor that might wish to make guest appearances. Having some RP clothes around is an asset, but we can usually scrounge up what we need.

Anyway, hopefully you will see the conclusion of Maraudon Park here in the next few days!

Thanks very kindly for reading.

The Bullchelor, part I: Centaurs with MBAs

So, in between my trip to Tanaris, and leaving for Durotar on my next adventure, I stopped in at home for a few days. This turned out to be long enough for my darling mother, who is a saint and who will in no way drive all the ancestors mad when she joins them, to scout my marriage prospects and arrange a blind date with an “adventurous” young Tauren lady that she feels will match my disposition.

Having heard about the primal beauties of Maraudon, she further arranged for us to see the place together. This tragic spasmodiary is the retelling of that day.




End of the Happy Trail, part II: The Mansquito Coast





End of the Happy Trail, part I: Flats on Film

As you could probably guess from my entry, my memories of the Shimmering Flats aren’t the clearest. It turns out though that we had a pile of spasmoluminographs that got forgotten about until now.

We’ve reached the end of our first trip together, so to celebrate, here is the first half of a large spasmojournal! Keep safe out there, travellers.