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Happy Trails to you my friend


Hey there, folks;

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been struggling harder than usual to fill these pages. Frankly, I’m a bit beat down about Azeroth these days, and have a number of other projects vying for my attention that have considerable consequences/rewards involved, such as finishing my degree and getting a job.

It’s a rough decision, because I love Tenthunders’ voice and writing him has been a great sideline to the more serious stuff I have to do. But every time I think about logging in, lately, I realized I’d rather take a nap or read a book. So, I’ve cancelled my WoW sub, which will make even occasional updates of this blog unfeasible. I have a couple of entries “stored” up that I’ll put out when I can, after which the blog will go into indeterminate hibernation.

It’s far from impossible that I’ll be back. Wow-addiction has a habit of creeping up on you like a hard-to-eradicate fungus, so six months from now there may be something to say again — at which time I will attempt to let people know via the WoW RP forum and wherever else seems appropriate.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best in your own travels — in Kalimdor and elsewhere — and thank you very much for reading and commenting!

AG, Tenthunders’ editor.



Good lord I’ve been sick. Also, my thesis committee are expecting a full product on Monday. So that’s going to be a good laugh for all of us. There will be an update soon. In a side note, thank you very kindly to the reader who reminded the Sunday Funnies of the journal’s existence. Really, […]

Neither an Alliance, nor a Horde, Discuss


Listen, I wasn’t saying that rockets are worth more than trees, okay, I was just saying they’re a lot of fun.

Winter’s Veil is here, and it looks like my journeys will be postponed for a bit, since my spasmographer — who produces the images you see here that go along with my text — is taking vacation and won’t tell me where he’s going for fear I will follow him.

So before I continue my authoritative guide to goblins, and before I get back to Thunder Bluff to be harrassed by my relatives for a few weeks, I thought I’d talk about this little war we’re having, which happens to be somewhat about trees. At least, trees are one of the more reasonable things to fight over, being real and useful and pretty.

A Place in the Sun

Another full issue soon, on the fun you can have infiltrating dangerous cults … on a budget! In the meantime — I am having some weird ass dreams. And why should I be baffled all by myself? Who is this dame? Humans all look the same to me.

Ominous Shadows of Profitability – A Plug for the Mistress of Otherskies

Ahoy there, folks. Real post up in a day or two (am I not terrible? I could lie and tell you I have been too busy to post, but really I am just a slacker).

In the meantime, I wish to draw your attention to the fact that Tenny’s journals are hosted on the servers of my good friend Kim Sokol, who is a freelance illustrator, and responsible for the handsome portrait of Our Protagonist you see at the top of the screen. Here is another one:


Goodness me, that was almost like foreshadowing. Tenny cannot claim to be a true travel writer, after all, if he doesn’t tell you where to get the tastiest and least-stabby tapas in Darnassus. So we’ll see how that goes.

Kim has always welcomed commissions of characters, be they D&D, WoW, or any other form of nerdery that lies close to your heart. Or other organs for that matter!

Please take a moment to visit her site, the commissions page of which can be found here: Thank you very kindly.

Also, here is a flattering portrait of Tenthunders’ unlikely stalker. Much to his dread, it is doubtful you have seen the last of her in these pages…


A link of some kind!

Real post will come up later this weekend; in the meantime, you should educate yourself about


Because they are hella funny.

Dear Readers! (A note from the editor)

I have not, in fact, lost interest in life or in updating, it is just really hard to find Tauren women, even when you have a sizable friendly guild to lean on. Increasingly, Ten Thunders is having adventures that involve other people to do some degree, and I am having an awkward time setting up the necessaries.

If you enjoy this blog, please don’t hesitate to email or leave a comment for Tenny’s editor, detailing any characters you have on US-Kirin Tor that might wish to make guest appearances. Having some RP clothes around is an asset, but we can usually scrounge up what we need.

Anyway, hopefully you will see the conclusion of Maraudon Park here in the next few days!

Thanks very kindly for reading.